3 Tips for Marketing your Law Firm on Social Media

Social Media for Law Firms has always been a touchy subject due to the varying rules and regulations but we all know how pivotal it is that you market your services to the right people. That’s why you’re here, right? You want people to say to themselves (and you, of course), “This is who I want to represent me.” Well, a good first step is learning how to market your law firm on social media and what social media to use. Law firms and social media complement each other well, and there are a variety of reasons explained below. These are several tips you can use to grow your law firm with social media.

Facebook for Law Firms

Facebook: A vast platform consisting of billions of people all of which could potentially see your content if shared strategically and intentionally but let’s face it – Facebook has been under a lot of heat lately. Facebook’s PR problems do not mean that it is not an effective way to grow new relationships and connections with the public though. As the number 1 social network in the USA, Facebook is still an important place for you to own your name, presence, and content.

More than likely, a new potential client isn’t going to just Google your law firm – probably some of those potential new clients are going to look and see if you’re on Facebook, what you’re doing, and how legit you seem to be. If your page hasn’t been updated in 3-months then people may assume you’re out of touch, out of business, or just not with the trends.

It is very easy to manage a social media presence nowadays with easy to use tools like Sprout Social or Hootsuite. Both of those tools will allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance and also have a single dashboard so you can acknowledge and write back to your online community.

On top of just the basics, Facebook has a plethora of ad options for any law firm seeking new clients. It is really important to educate yourself on your state’s laws about advertising online before jumping in, but once you know the rules you have now access to thousands of potential clients.

Are you a law firm specializing in divorce and family law? Why not target an ad to Facebook users who have been reading about divorce or family law? There are tons of ways to target the right audience for your content and Facebook makes it pretty easy. If you get lost you can always hire a professional like our company, Social Impressions, or just click our contact button at the top of the screen.

Twitter for Law Firms

Twitter offers a massive ad network that is similar to Facebook and allows you to target and micro-target who you want to reach. If you have specific big-name competition, you can even target your competition’s followers on Twitter!

Thanks to our President, Twitter has continued to grow as more and more people run to this social network to see what the Leader of the Free World might tweet next. This also means that more and more of your prospects are signing up for Twitter accounts and getting used to the feed and features.

Having an active Twitter account as a Law Firm can help you gain more exposure but also helps you stand out in a crowd. Tweeting about your expertise and articles about topics that you’re knowledgable about can help you stand out as a thought leader. Check out a great example in The Law Offices of Kevin P. Flynn, a small law office in Elmira, New York (also a client of ours).

You can also use Linkedin. It is unique because the target audience selection is specific. The more you personalize your target audience, the fewer people your content will reach. Thus, only those who will potentially need your law services will be able to see your advertising. Because of this, consider finding your target audience through Facebook or Twitter beforehand.

LinkedIn for Lawyers

If you’re a professional “anything” you need to be on LinkedIn. Having a professional LinkedIn Profile means you have a great headshot that was professionally taken – not one that makes you look “cute” or “really cool.” A LinkedIn profile for a Lawyer should be fully filled out and don’t assume people know that you went to Harvard if you don’t list it out.

LinkedIn offers Lawyers an opportunity to brag about professional accomplishments and also show the evidence to which you speak of. If you don’t know how to have a great looking profile, or if you’re not sure if yours just sucks, I suggest you order one of our social media audits and we’ll look at all your profiles and provide feedback and next steps.

Final Thoughts

Using social media for law firm marketing can give your business a boost if used correctly. We hope these tips assist you in succeeding in using social media marketing to help grow your law firm.