5 Easy Ways to Embed Twitter On Your Website

Embedding Twitter on your website allows Twitter users to turn into customers easier. As you likely know, Twitter has a daily influx of millions of users. The power Twitter holds to make your brand recognized and hopefully more trusted is indescribable.

There are numerous ways in which you can integrate an indefinite number of Twitter feed with your website. You can start by embedding Twitter posts individually. This can be done by clicking on the posts you want to embed. Choosing the embed tweet option and copying the code generated thereafter. However, this process is time-consuming as you can only embed a single post at a time.

1. Through Widgets

You can make use of Twitter widgets that will allow you to embed Twitter social media timelines on your website. The Twitter timeline is the series of tweets you can see displayed one after another. You can integrate five types of Twitter timelines on your website namely profile, likes, lists, collection and moment. 

The profile timeline will display all the tweets of a specific user on your website. Likes timeline widget lets you display all the tweets you have liked. Lists display all the tweets from the accounts you have added to it. The collection displays all the tweets you have saved under Collection whereas Moment includes tweets you have saved during special moments.

You will find an innumerable number of Twitter widgets online which can help in integrating Twitter with your WordPress website or any other.

2. Taggbox

Taggbox is a UGC platform and social media aggregator tool that can help you in creating a social wall to embed Twitter on your website. It’s super easy to embed Twitter with Taggbox with its built-in features.

If you are using Taggbox, you will be able to collect and curate a raw Twitter feed through hashtags, usernames, Tags, and mentions and display it on your website in an attractive manner. Taggbox customizes the data through themes, layouts and background colors. It also moderates content so that no irrelevant or fake content shows up on the website page.

Also, it includes the analytics features which let you track the performance of the posts embedded on the website, and prepares a report on the increases in engagement. It works in real-time such that your website is always fed with the latest updates on the Twitter feed. To embed Twitter with your website through Taggbox, all you need to do is generate an embed code and paste the same on the backend of your webpage.

3. Everwall

Everwall is another such medium through which you can embed Twitter with your website attractively and engagingly.

Everwall just takes 0.25 seconds for the Twitter feed to appear on your website once posted on Twitter. Everwall provides 12 layouts which are fully customizable. It has a Leaderboard feature which lets you know which user engaged with your website the most, the number of tracked keywords and other analytics. It also provides a moderation panel to moderate Twitter content.

It requires no software installation and can be accessed through every device.

4. Hootfeed

Hootfeed is a live Twitter stream tool by Hootsuite. Hootfeed is fully responsive, includes a profanity filter and fits every screen size. You can even customize your brand’s Tweetwall according to your preferences.

To start using Hootfeed, all you need to do is enter your username and keyword, fill in the profanity filter and customizable preferences, fill in your company’s information and layout option and it is all set to integrate Twitter with your website.

It also provides a 30-day free trial experience. You can also schedule posts and let them be published whenever you want. It also provides unlimited scheduling in its professional plan.

5. TwitterFall

TwitterFall is another Twitter-based tool that shows Twitter posts on full display. It works in real-time and searches your Twitter feed in various ways, lets you hide the panel and even pauses the Tweet flow as you wish. The Tweets displayed are differentiated through custom colors.

However, you need to login to your Twitter account before accessing any of it.

 So, these were the 5 awesome ways to embed Twitter with your website easily and conveniently. Once you are well acquainted with the advantages of integrating Twitter with the website, you won’t be able to refrain yourself from trying at least one of these ways to connect your Twitter feed with your website. You can even embed individual Twitter posts on your website through Twitter itself.