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Big Hair, Big Heart, Even Bigger Results!

David Pride is a dynamic, funny, and highly energetic professional speaker who educates inspires, and informs his audience. Attendees of David’s events can expect to walk away with actionable ideas and the next steps to propel their business and personal lives forward. With over 15 years devoted to the social media marketing industry, David brings experience and strategic guidance to every event he speaks at.

When not teaching businesses how to grow their bottom line with the proper and strategic use of social media, David can be found passionately sharing the lessons he has learned as a cancer survivor, life-long entrepreneur, and international business consultant.

David is available for Corporate Speaking Engagements, Motivational Seminars, and Youth Events.

Marketing Seminars/Workshops

Social Media Marketing for the Business Owner with NO Time and ZERO Budget

This customizable workshop shares new ideas and strategies for creating, promoting, and tracking your social media marketing efforts even if you don’t have a five (or four) figure monthly budget. Attendees can expect to learn the following:
  • New ways to maximize the ever-decreasing organic reach on all social media channels by getting creative with YouTube Shorts and Instagram/Facebook Reels
  • How to maximize a minimal social media advertising budget
  • How to effectively implement a nano (or) micro-influencer program that doesn’t break the bank
  • How to get active on TikTok and TikTok Ads without stressing about learning how to dance
  • How to identify low-hanging content ideas that are ignored by nearly everyone but always loved by your audience
  • How to get more comfortable with the most dreaded form of content on the internet…video!

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SI Speaking Video Testimonials Dr. Sam
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SI Speaking Video Testimonials Dr. Sam
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Motivational Keynote

Bumps, Bruises, and Setbacks

How To Push Forward, When Everything is Pushing Back

In this motivational and high-energy keynote, David shares lessons from his life as a young entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and shameless believer in people.

Sometimes life seems like it just can’t get any worse – and then it does. There are times when setbacks keep coming and the only thing keeping us from giving up is our support system (if we’re lucky enough to have one), our attitude, and whatever strength we can muster.

Attendees will learn the importance of having a clear set of goals, how to interpret setback and understand that many times our immediate challenges are just a proving ground for something much greater, the value of forgiveness and moving on, and how to define and pursue the dream inside.

Included in this talk is advice about making smart social media decisions during difficult times, how to identify and engage potential mentors, goal setting, and most of all, how to push forward when everything is pushing back.

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Are you a keyboard warrior?
Motivational Speaker, David Pride talks about the power our words have and how the things we type can hurt just as much as the things we say.
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Highlight Reel
David Pride is a Youth Motivational Speaker who teaches young people how to overcome long seasons of challenge and setback. During his motivational and high energy presentation, David shares about finding good mentors, creating a positive group of friends, avoiding drugs, and making smart decisions while online.

Watch more of David's work on his YouTube Channel Overcoming the Odds Against Us

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West Essex High School, New Jersey
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White County Central School District – Judsonia, Arkansas
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Issac Misiuk
SI Speaking Video Testimonials Dr. Sam
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