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Thanks for checking out Social Impressions, my name is David Pride, and I am the Chief Relationships Officer.

I started this company as a side hustle back in 2008, back when Facebook and Twitter were still “just fads,” and most folks were still tooling around on MySpace.

It is incredible to see how the industry has evolved and how many businesses have been able to expand with the proper use of social media marketing.

Social Impressions exists to help companies of all sizes connect better with their customers and community through the proper and strategic use of social media marketing.

Whether you need me to manage the entire social media marketing content creation and posting process, oversee and provide guidance to your existing marketing team, or you’re just looking for some up close and personal social media marketing training and coaching, I can help.

I frequently speak at conferences, so check out my speaking page.

I serve a wide range of clients but have found that typically I work best with customer-facing businesses, established entrepreneurs and celebrities, and social movements looking to make a positive impact.

I believe that Black Lives Matter, I believe in equal opportunity and inclusion, and I believe a rising tide raises all ships. If you agree, we might be an excellent fit for each other.

A few industries we have worked with or are currently involved in:

  • Social Media Marketing for Established Celebrities, Authors, and Artists
  • Social Media Marketing for Product Launches
  • Social Media Marketing for the Service Industry
  • Social Media Marketing for Politicians

I also run an organization called Hope for the Arctic; our aim is to raise global awareness of the suicide epidemic in the Arctic Region by elevating individual voices from the North, sharing stories of inspiration, and sharing access to local mental health resources. You can check out our website here: www.HopeForTheArctic.com or follow our Facebook Community here.

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